Sam Herron

Conestoga CPA 2020

About Projects


Name: Jquery Mobile Clothing App
April 2018
Description: A final assignment written by myself and my partner Fahad Siddiqui. It is a basic clothing app that handles a virutal cart object by performing CRUD operations on a local database. An apk is available for Android phones, please email me to get a copy.

Name: The Verge
February 2018 Description: A one page theme/template for a business oriented website.

Name: Battleground
January 2018
Description: A two player fighting game written in C# by myself and Liam Stephenson

Name: Survival (Alpha 1.0)
August 2016 - Present
Description: A side project click based game written in C#. The game is still very early in development.

Name: Tic Tac Toe
October 2017
Description: Description: Assignment #2 from Object Oriented Game Programming. A simple tic tac toe game written in C#.

Name: Flight Reservation System
September 2017
Description: Assignment #1 from Object Oriented Game Programming. A flight reservation system that keeps track of current passengers and allows deletion of passengers. It also features a waiting list that automatically fills up the seating list when seats become available.

Name: Javascript Form Validation
March 2017
Description: A basic form validation script written in Javascript that grabs the values from text fields. It performs mainly null checks on each field but is already set up to accept many validations.

Name: All About Computers
December 2016
Description: Major summative from first semester web design. A simple technology web template featuring a dropdown navigation bar and a smooth design.